Say Goodbye to Hair Fall by using Dermaheal HL

If you are going through Alopecia, I know exactly what it feels like. Every day is like crazy, insane and emotional roller coaster.  You are going through a wide range of emotions. But you don’t have to face it anymore. Let’s find out how I fought from hair loss through Dermaheal HL.

One year earlier, my hair fall started to a point where I thought my hair will be never like before. I had one friend who had alopecia, and I observed same symptoms as she did when she was diagnosed to this disease. I started to reach out to many dermatologists. Out of which, one was a very close friend of mine. She confirmed what I had been thinking lately. I was suffering from alopecia. I lost my 60% hair from this disease. I started off with a ton of hair on my head and ended up with bald areas on my scalp. It really made me depressed. I was going bald and there was nothing I could do.

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My dermatologist recommended me many hair treatments and shampoos and overnight medicated creams but none of them worked. I could not afford to lose any more hair. I had to stop hair fall right away. Many people already advised me before to use dermal fillers, but I was too scared to use it. But then I decided to do my research before jumping down to any conclusions. I did a complete study on rights and wrongs of dermal and hair fillers. And after spending my days and nights on its research for 7 days, I decided to use one for my skin. Obviously, I made a list of non-chemical hair fillers and ended up in using Dermaheal HL – Anti Hair Loss.

Dermeheal HL is purely made from organic ingredients which will cause no harm to your skin. You will notice initial bruising for a short period of time but depending on your skin type, from two to four weeks time consumption will lead you to healthy hair.

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Also, I made my research on renowned sellers in the market and found Hyaldirect. After one week of my hair filler treatment, I noticed my hair fall not only stopped but new hair started to grow. I was really happy after using this product. It did not only get me out of my anxiety but made me cope up from my disease as stressing was not making things any better.

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