Get Everlasting Glowing Skin with Aquashine BR

Get Everlasting Glowing Skin with Aquashine BR

Removing acne is a very time consuming process. So if you are thinking to get your skin cleared within a week or month, you probably are fooling yourself. Today I am going to tell you guys about how I removed my cystic acne. From permanent cystic acne to pigment free skin today, with Aquashine BR.

I am very happy with my current skin. All I need to wear is just a lipstick and mascara when I am casually going out these days. I was always someone who had pretty good skin especially when I was young around birth to 13 years old. I used to sleep early and wake-up early. I used to walk after that. Good and healthy diet was my key points. All these habits were transferred to me by my mother. She also had an extremely fair and beautiful skin.

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When I entered the teenage, I used to get breakouts on my face, around cheeks and forehead. This was because I started wearing makeup at very young age. All of my early teenage years, my skincare routine was nothing but a moisturizer before going to bed. Plus no matter what, I always cleaned my makeup before going to bed. That’s why I was really confused when I got 17, when I got cystic breakout all over my cheeks. If you ever had cystic breakout, you know exactly how painful and spreading it. If you have mistakenly popped any of them you will get three more the other day and the process will go on and on. Obviously, one of the reasons of spreading my acne was popping all the pimples everyday as soon as they emerge on my skin. It got pretty bad results later when I was 20.

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When I got 20, my face was completely filled with cystic acne. I went to see a couple of skin doctors. Out of them, one dermatologist’s prescription is the reason I am today. After a year all of my getting faded but left horrible marks behind. I used high quality face wash, medical creams, sprays, lotions but none worked. As if they didn’t want to leave my skin. I waited for almost two years until 23. I tried every possible mean to get them away but nothing was working.

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In solution of that problem, I ended up in using dermal filler injections. Aquashine BR was my choice. It contains bio-active agent hyaluronic acid, helps in rejuvenating and revitalizing your skin. It works tremendously as a anti-pigment agent. The reason why my skin is so glowing is because of it.

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