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Get Super Nourished Hair with Pelo Baum

Get Super Nourished Hair with Pelo Baum

Today I am going to talk specifically about my hair color. My hair color used to be fully blonde. There was a girl at my office; she had a pretty good Ombre hair. It was perfectly blended. I asked her the details and about the hair salon from where she got it. Also, I made […]

Say Goodbye to Hair Fall by using Dermaheal HL

If you are going through Alopecia, I know exactly what it feels like. Every day is like crazy, insane and emotional roller coaster.  You are going through a wide range of emotions. But you don’t have to face it anymore. Let’s find out how I fought from hair loss through Dermaheal HL. One year earlier, […]

Uncontrollable Hair Loss – Resolved by CYJ Hair Filler

Uncontrollable Hair Loss

This blog is what I experienced about hair fillers. Be aware of that and make sure you conduct your own research. I have discussed about my anemia causing hair fall and to reduce it, I used Dr. CYJ hair filler. Anemia is a condition in which your body is not producing enough white blood cells. […]